April 12, 2014

April 10, 2014
Lust: She took her bra off for me.
Friendship: She put her bra back on for me.
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April 7, 2014

Raul Esparza is just an older slightly sexier “dad” version of Arthur Darvill.

April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

"spartacus is a graphic and visceral retelling of rome’s most famous gladiator. when his wife is taken into slavery, he must fight in the bloodthirsty roman arena, where killers become gods and grisly death is primetime entertainment."
i recommend watching the series in order it aired: blood and sand, gods of the arena, vengeance and war of the damned. gods of the arena is prequel, and i wouldn’t advise you to skip it, because you’ll have a wider look on the story of batiatus and his ludus and you’ll meet new characters, who are gonna be important for the next seasons.
also, don’t mind the weird cgi in blood and sand. they went for the 300 look at the beginning, but then it’ll look more natural and less odd.
unfortunately, starz had to recast liam mcintyre for the lead role, with andy whitfield’s (the original spartacus) own blessing, as he was fighting non-hodgkin lymphoma. it might take quite some time to get used to liam, but keep in mind that andy and he are different actors with different approach to this character. give him a chance. also the actress for naevia was recast due to lesley-ann brandt’s personal reasons.
rape and sexual assault, abuse, blood, violence, gore, death. please, message me if there’s something more. basically, spartacus is very gore-y and violent show, with lots of sex, cussing, blood and death.
all seasons (x)
season 1 - blood and sand (x, x)
01. the red serpent (aired january 22, 2010)
02. sacramentum gladiatorum (aired january 29, 2010)
03. legends (aired february 5, 2010)
04. the thing in the pit (aired february 12, 2010)
05. shadow games (aired february 19, 2010)
06. delicate things (aired february 26, 2010)
07. great and unfortunate things (aired march 5, 2010)
08. mark of the brotherhood (aired march 12, 2010)
09. whore (aired march 19, 2010)
10. party favors (aired march 26, 2010)
11. old wounds (aired april 2, 2010)
12. revelations (aired april 9, 2010)
13. kill them all (aired april 16, 2010)
prequel - gods of the arena (x, x)
01. past transgerssions (aired january 21, 2011)
02. missio (aired january 28, 2011)
03. paterfamilias (aired february 4, 2011)
04. beneath the mask (aired february 11, 2011)
05. reckoning (aired february 18, 2011)
06. the bitter end (aired february 25, 2011)
season 2 - vengeance (x, x)
01. fugitivus (aired january 27, 2012)
02. a place in this world (aired february 3, 2012)
03. the greater good (aired february 10, 2012)
04. empty hands (aired february 17, 2012)
05. libertus (aired february 24, 2012)
06. chosen path (aired march 2, 2012)
07. sacramentum (aired march 9, 2012)
08. balance (aired march 16, 2012)
09. monsters (aired march 23, 2012)
10. wrath of the gods (aired march 30, 2012)
season 3 - war of the damned (x, x, x)
01. enemies of rome (aired january 25, 2013)
02. wolves at the gate (aired february 1, 2013)
03. men of honor (aired february 8, 2013)
04. decimation (aired february 22, 2013)
05. blood brothers (aired march 1, 2013)
06. spoils of war (aired march 8, 2013)
07. mors indecepta (aired march 15, 2013)
08. separate paths (aired march 22, 2013)
09. the dead and the dying (aired april 5, 2013)
10. victory (aired april 12, 2013)
official and social
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spartacus blogs
please let me know if you run a spartacus-only or spartacus cast members blog
any help with this masterpost would be greatly appreciated!
based on this masterpost - another spartacus masterpost - spartacus power point

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April 1, 2014




Lowborn girls say “m’lord”

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April 1, 2014

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Roosters basically go around all day shouting things like: “These are my bitches!”, “This is my house!”, “This is my yard!”, “Back off my bitches!”.   

March 31, 2014
The rough draft of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”

Talk nerdy to me.








March 29, 2014

It must have been real easy to tell when people were lying in biblical times, because if someone says “For falsely falsely I say unto yee, I really did bring that goat to market.”, you gotta know something is up.  

March 23, 2014
"But Jehovah begins with a fry."

— Indiana Jones in a diner

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